Monday, 24 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide | For Her

Christmas is fast approaching so of course it's only right to put together a Christmas Gift Guide | For Her. 
Today, I have put together a range of fifteen gifts from £10 to £895 so there is a whole range of gifts to suit the lady you're buying for, whether it's your friend, daughter, mum, sister or girlfriend!
I'll also be aiming to post a Stocking Filler Gift Guide for Her, Him & Children, as well as a Gift Guide | For Him, so keep your eye out for those.

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1. Partners In Crime Necklace £10 - The cheapest item here is this pair of necklaces from DollyBowBow, they are two gold halves of a heart with the words 'partners in crime' inscribed on them. I feel this would be a perfect small present to get your best friend, bringing in back to the primary school days when you'd have matching friendship bracelets! I included these, as I think jewellery in general is a brilliant present to get for any woman.

2. Cosmetics Set £15.99 - Keeping it under £20 is this trio of Bourjois Lip Crayons. This would be great for any females that enjoy make up, it's an easy effortless gift and you can vary it many ways. There are many different make up gift sets you could choose from, whether it's an eyeshadow set or contour set, the list is endless!

3. Next Pyjamas £24 - Everyone loves pyjamas, especially Christmas themed pyjamas! These pyjamas from Next only subtly display Christmas, however there is a huge selection of Christmas pyjamas you can find anywhere.

4. ASOS Scarf £25 - Christmas time usually means one thing...cold weather, so what's better than a scarf? This gorgeous blanket scarf is from Asos at a very affordable price of £25. There is hundreds of scarves available to suit any females taste, so if you're stuck for ideas a scarf is always a perfect choice.

5. Noted Black Leather Notebook £25 - Notebooks. What more can I say? Who doesn't love a sleek leather notebook? Notebooks in my opinion are an item every girl needs! Lists, lists, lists, are what keep me a happy and organised girl. I'm in love with this Black Leather Notebook from Paperchase with just a simple word on it; 'noted'. 

6. Ted Baker Make Up Bag £29 - Many females use make up, so what's easier than a make up bag? I personally love the Ted Baker Make Up Bags - I actually have one myself that I received last Christmas. These make up bags are very roomy and come in a range of sizes, so whether the female you're buying for has a small or slightly larger make up collection, there will be one to suit her.

7. Topshop Dressing Gown £32 - Similarly to pyjamas, who doesn't love a dressing gown? Especially as winter comes around. I think this Teddy Robe from Topshop is so cute and will be so cosy to bundle up in, whilst watching Christmas movies and eating Christmas chocolates!

8. Pamper Set £35 - A pamper set is always an easy gift to get if you're stuck for ideas. Boots offer many pamper sets by different brands, so there will be something to suit your price range whether it is low or high. Pamper sets make an excellent Christmas present as it is always nice in winter to have a luxurious bath with some lovely products.

9. River Island Jumper £35 - It's Christmas, so of course you need to get a Christmas jumper! This grey River Island jumper would be lovely for a female of any age and would be great for them to wear on Christmas Day.

10. Lush White Christmas £75 - Climbing up to the pricier side is a Lush Gift Set. Lush offer a variety of gift sets at a range of prices, as well as many different products, so you will be spoilt for choice if you choose a gift for a female from there. If the lady you're buying for loves to pamper, then lush is the place to go, offering lots of unique and great smelling products.

11. Michael Kors Purse £125 - A designer purse is a lovely gift for a female. This Michael Kors purse is beautifully simplistic so you can't go wrong with this.

12. Thomas Sabo Watch £305 - This is a present that is on my Christmas Wish List in Silver. A high quality designer watch is perfect as it is going to be a timeless classic (how punny!) that can be worn for many years to come. 

13. Aspinal of London Handbag £895 - Onto the most expensive item of this Gift Guide; an Aspinal of London Handbag, this particular handbag is one of their iconic handbag's which I am completely in love with - I may even have to add it to my own Christmas Wish List! I'm a complete lover of handbags, so I think this is a perfect present for any female, a designer handbag is most likely going to last you a very long time, making it a Christmas to remember.

14. Elle Subscription - I think a magazine subscription is a great idea for a female that just can't get enough of magazines. I chose Elle, but there are many different magazines covering different topics for you to buy a subscription for.

15. Experience Day - Finally, an experience day. I personally love the idea of an experience day and am in fact buying one for someone in my life this Christmas. There is a huge range of different experience days to choose from, whether it's a spa day, a day at the theatre or an afternoon tea for two. This is perfect as I feel it is a very personal gift yet so effortlessly easy to buy.

I hope this was of some help for you, whether you're looking for ideas to buy for a female in your life or are just looking for things to add to your Christmas list.

As I mentioned, I will have a few more Gift Guides going up, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

How excited are you for Christmas? Only 5 weeks left! I cannot wait!

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Monday, 17 November 2014


It may be a little premature posting a Winter Lookbook when we're not really out of Autumn just yet, but I just couldn't wait!
I love the colder months as it means cosy jumpers and layering!
Today, I thought I'd show you five different outfits I will be sporting this winter.
A couple of the outfits I will probably need to throw a layer or two more on top when we get into mid winter, but for now these outfits are perfect!

Outfit 1
Gilet | Topshop
Jumper | Zara
Blouse | New Look
Jeans | Topshop
Shoes | Converse

Outfit 2
Cape | M&S
Blouse | Missguided
Jeans | Topshop
Boots | Topshop

Outfit 3
Gilet | Topshop
Cardigan | Zara
Dress | H&M
Boots | Asda

Outift 4
Jacket | Topshop
Jumper | BHS
Jeans | Topshop
Shoes | M&S

Outfit 5
Jumper | Zara
Jeans | Topshop
Boots | Miss Selfridge

I hope you liked my Winter Lookbook.
What will you be wearing this winter?

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Monday, 10 November 2014

Sunday Scribbles | Baking Cupcakes

After a year, I have finally got my weekend backs, which means no more early Sunday mornings!
I now spend my Sunday's cosied up in my fluffy dressing gown and often baking cakes.
Today I baked some simple cupcakes and decorated them with some different coloured icing. I thought I'd share with you how they came out.

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Monday, 3 November 2014

OCTOBER Favourites

It's November, I can now prepare for Christmas and it actually be acceptable, yay!
As you know, as a month comes to an end it's time to tell you my favourites.

My first favourite of the month is my Jack Wills Gilet.
I've had this for 3/4 years now and whilst it may not be the most glamorous of jackets, it is so comfy and has been my go to jacket recently as the weather has been getting cooler. 

My second and last fashion favourite is this Pussy Bow Blouse from Missguided.
I don't have very many blouses and have been trying to slowly build up my collection.
I found this one on Missguided and fell in love with it, it's simple as it's black but the added bow gives it a bit more.

My last item favourite of the month is actually an old favourite & I think I may have already mentioned it in a monthly favourites before.
It is the Rimmel London Day 2 Night mascara. 
I love this mascara as you can either go for a very natural look using the length mascara, as it only put a small bit of mascara on, or you can go for a more dramatic look with the volume brush which puts a lot more product on the lashes.

Now for my non-item favourites.

I have two favourite films of the month, both of which were relatively 'weird'.
The first one is called Lucy which has been in the cinema the past month; it's was based around science and drugs, and was very captivating to watch.
I then really enjoyed a film called Syrup. This was a film about marketing, and again, it was very weird but was a film I just couldn't stop watching.

I haven't got a favourite song but I've been loving listening to Disney songs - well honestly, I always love listening to Disney songs.

My favourite app has been Youtube. I've just been loving watching Youtube videos in any spare time I have.

A favourite 'random' of mine this month is Lattes. As the weather has been getting cooler, it's only right to start drinking warm drinks, right? I love getting flavoured Lattes, especially caramel flavour.

Lastly, I haven't got a favourite day of the month, however, this month overall has been extremely positive for me. 
I've been given & taken so many new opportunities this month, as well as outings with friends and family, and family events.

That's it for my monthly favourites.
What have been your favourites this month?
You can find last months favourites here.

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