Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Autumn Must Haves!

Crazily, another season has come and gone and we're now half way through Autumn! So I thought I'd show you my personal Autumn must haves :]

Lets start with beauty items. First I have dark lipsticks, lipsticks are one of the key items to bringing your makeup together I think and when the season transitions from Summer to Autumn my lipstick colours do too! 
My two favourite autumnal colour lipsticks are both by Rimmel, the first is 170 Alarm and the other is in the Kate collection in shade 107. 170 Alarm is your classic bright red lisptick which whilst it is perfect for any time of the year, it is especially great for Autumn! On the other hand, 107 is a gorgeous deep berry red colour with a slight dark purple hint to it, I really love to wear this for a dramatic effect.

Whilst we're on the topic of lip products, the next Autumn must have for me is LIP BALM. I cannot survive the colder months without lip balm, it is essential to keep the lips hydrated and smooth as nothing is worse than the pain of cracked lips.

As well as wanting to keep my lips hydrated it is also important to keep my skin moisturised. Personally, I use moisturiser all year round on all my body as I have a little (large) OCD problem with it, but I find I depend on it a lot more when it comes to the cooler months as the weather can be quite hard hitting for your skin. I'd especially recommend a face moisturiser if anything, as with cold weather comes wind and your face is constantly being smashed with the wind which is definitely no good for you!

Now onto clothing must haves, the first being big cosy jumpers! One thing I love about the cooler seasons is being able to layer up, throwing on big baggy jumpers which are just lovely to snuggle up in. They're also great to lounge around in when you're at home! I seriously love big jumpers and I am in love with this one I purchased recently from H&M, I might even have to go back and grab the orange one too!

The next thing is coats. I have two coats that I find are essential for autumn: a 'warm' coat (in this case the top one which is a boyfriend style coat from F&F) and a leather jacket.
I love love love leather jackets as they go with nearly anything, they're so versatile and look great when layered up that they're ideal for autumn. I also am so in love with this boyfriend jacket, however I won't go into too much detail about that just yet as it is going to be featured in an upcoming post, so look out for that!

Accessories are so much better in autumn as it's all about layering up and that only means one thing: an overload of accessories! First is a hat, I'd wear either a bowler hat (which I recently bought from River Island) or a cosy beanie (bought last year, not sure where) - it's a fact that you lose a lot of heat from your head so wearing a hat ensures you keep that heat trapped in and keeping you warm, plus they're cute so why not?

Then it's scarves... again scarves are a great way of keeping warm as they keep your neck warm which is a place that tends to be bare a lot of the time even if you're wearing a collar. I love this tartan scarf which was actually my dads but he gave it to me, I wear it with anything as it not only keeps me warm but adds colour to an outfit!

Last is socks, not just any socks, COSY SOCKS! Just like baggy jumpers they're perfect for snuggling in, I love going out in boots/wellies with thick socks on in the colder months as I just feel constantly warm. It's also great when you've been out for the day with perhaps not the warmest of footwear and then coming home, whipping a pair of cosy socks on and wallah! my feet are warm and cosy!

Whilst we're on the subject of feet, my next autumn must have is combat boots/boots of any type. Boots are such a good look in the autumn, especially with jeans or tights and a skirt, wearing boots means you get added warmth (up to your ankle or knees, depending where your boots come up to) as well as being able to wear super cosy socks under them! I tend to stick to only wearing black boots however I wouldn't mind investing in a brown/tan pair this year!

Lastly to do with clothing is a ONESIE! As you might have been able to tell so far, my favourite thing to do in the Autumn is to snuggle up and what better clothing item than a onesie? I looove this Minnie Mouse onesie (as you know I'm obsessed with Disney) as well as the penguin onesie which I showed in my September Favourites

Onto the last two random things. First thing which is perfect for Autumn is hot drinks, whether we're talking Costa or homemade I can't survive without lattes, hot chocolates and green tea in the Autumn as they're a perfect way for warming up if you're a little cold!

And the last thing we have is fairy lights, I've had flower shaped flower lights round my bed since April however recently I bought some fairy lights to go around my dressing table and I think it just adds to the cosiness of Autumn. I also want to get some more fairy lights for my walls which I think will again aid to the cosiness!

That's it for my Autumn Must Haves, I hope you enjoyed it. 
What are your Autumn must haves? 

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Liebster Award

So, the lovely Jodie from Teacups and Bluebells tagged me for the Liebster Award! If you haven't already, go check out her blog here.

The rules of the Liebster Award are:
1. Link the blogger/bloggers that nominated you
2. Answer the ten questions the blogger has created
3. Keep the chain going and nominate ten of your favourite bloggers who have less than 200 followers
4. Create ten different/interesting questions for your nominees to answer

Now onto the questions Jodie asked:

1) If you could travel in time, where would you go? 
I would probably go either really really far into the future or into the past around the war time.

2) What make up item could you not live without? 

Hmm... I'm not a massive make-up person however I would hate to be without mascara as I think without it I just look tired!

3) If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

This is a tough one but I would probably choose Geordie Shore as I love it and it never fails to make me laugh.

4) What's your favourite clothes shop? 

It's hard to decide as if I had enough money to buy as much as I wanted it would either be Topshop or Zara, however, I tend to shop mostly in Primark as it's cheap and actually has such lovely items, therefore I would have to say Primark!

5) The best holiday you've ever been on? 

This is also a tough one as I went on a once in a lifetime experience to Lapland with my whole family (there is a lot of us!) when I was in year 5 so around 9/10 years old, and that was seriously one of the best experiences of my whole life, however, I'm a through and through Disney child, and before my parents broke up I visited Disney every year at least twice and every time it was so magical. It's hard to pick so I'm going to say both of them, oops...

6) What would your idea of a perfect day be? 

Going out shopping in London in the day preferably in November/December, grabbing lunch in Harrods, touring round London for a while then going home, then snuggling up in pyjamas with films, food, some drink and covers! 

7) What country have you never been to, but really want to visit?

America, it's my dream to visit America!

8) Favourite band/artist? I don't really have a favourite as my music taste is all over the place, it just really depends on my mood! However at the moment, I quite like Flume and Rudimental, although saying that I could listen to Daughter whatever mood I'm in!

9) If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and why? I would be a Disney Princess at DisneyLand, as I said before I have always loved Disney and it is a massive part of my life, through experience I know how amazing it is to meet the characters and truly believe they're real. I'd love to be a Disney Princess and make children's (like mine) dream come true, it would actually be the most amazing job!

10) What 3 words best describe you? 
Clumsy, goofy and crazy!

My nominations are:
1. bethcapewell
2. definemyheart
3. lollylovesx
4. omfgwinnie
5. theperksofbeing-amber
6. alicecryans
7. nellmabellou
8. a-grevstad
9. who-the-fuck-is-chanel
10. cestunejolievie

My questions are:
1. If you could be any Disney character, who would you be and why?
2. If you had to choose perfect hair or perfect skin, which would you choose?
3. Favourite movie?
4. Where would be your ideal holiday?
5. If you could choose any career to be, which would you choose and why?
6. Favourite exotic animal?
7. What is your favourite style of clothing?
8. Celebrity crush?
9. What is your favourite country in the world and why?
10. Describe your self in one word.

I've loved doing this tag and I can't wait to see what my nominees reply to my questions! Don't forget to check them out!

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

My Daily Make-Up

Today I have my first beauty related post on my blog - that's because I prefer fashion over beauty but anyway!
For the past couple months I haven't been wearing full on make-up however, due to the sun no longer being out 24/7 I don't have enough of a tan to get away with not wearing any, so last week I pulled out my make-up bag and went back to wearing a full house.
The products I use on a daily basis are:
- Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation (Medium)
- Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer
- Rimmel Clear Complexion Transparent Powder
- Technic Blusher
- Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara (although I often swap between mascara's)
- Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil
- Lipstick of choice 
I also use brushes to apply my foundation, powder and blusher which I got from Barbra Daily and Cosmopolis. 

I start off by applying foundation to my cheeks, forehead, chin and nose, then use my brush to blend it in to the rest of my face and down my neck. I then blot the concealer under my eyes to cover up my dark circles (damn sixth form!) taking it up my cheek bones and nose then blend in again with my middle finger. To set this, I take a big powder brush from Barbra Daily and apply the powder all over my face and neck, as it's 'transparent' it does not change the colour of my face at all but acts as a set for my make-up to stop it coming off throughout the day.

After my powder has set I apply blusher to my cheekbones quite lightly, unfortunately I smashed the lid  -and the blusher itself - so I now have to wrap it in tissue! I then apply the eyebrow pencil (which really needs a sharpen!) following the line of my eyebrows, not too lightly but not too hard causing it to be just the right shade. I then apply mascara which a lot of the time is the one pictured however I do switch it up sometimes so I don't waste any other mascaras. Lastly I apply a lipstick, the lipstick I chose depends on my outfit that day as well as my mood so it changes nearly everyday, however I have noticed I've been leaning towards pink lipsticks lately!

Here's me with my daily make-up on - looking a bit doe-eyed in this first one haha!

Hopefully you enjoyed this post, I'm thinking of doing more make-up related posts, for example, season/holiday inspired looks so watch out for them if you're interested!
Are you excited it's finally getting colder?

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Friday, 11 October 2013

App Review: MALLZEE

Recently the creators of Mallzee got in touch with me about their app that they released at London Fashion week, if you're fashion passionate like me you'll love this app!
To sum it up, the app lets you chose your favourite brands (from a selection provided) which then comes up on your feed, you then 'keep' the items you like - in a wardrobe type folder - or 'throw' the items you like, the app then gets to know your style and after a few uses begins to show you more things that are you style, it's basically like having a free personal shopper!
Here's a guide to how it works...


When you first open the app it gives you a step-by-step walk through showing you how to use the app, the actions are very simple making it a breeze to use!

Next, you tell the app what styles and brands you are most interested in, giving you a test run of using the app and getting used to the double tap, pinch and hold actions.

Then you are free to browse the app as much as you want! You can press buy and be taken straight the web page where it is for sale or you can save it to your 'finds'.

Now for my review of the app which I'm going to be brutally honest. I think there are some improvements that could be done to the app which would be, a wider choice of brands to choose from as personally I don't feel there is enough brands on there and secondly the loading of the discovery page could be made a bit smoother.
However, I honestly think this is an app that could be huge in the future of the fashion world, it's so ideal that you can press buy and be taken straight to the webpage where it is for sale meaning that is quick and easy to buy the items you wish. I also love the fact you save finds for later as well as looking at what your friends find and comment on their finds or get them to comment on your finds, it's not just a clothing website, it is also a social networking site. Lastly I like how easy it is to use, there are three main actions so you're not going to get confused when trying to use it which is perfect when you're trying to buy some time!

If you're passionate about fashion, I'd recommend downloading this app as it's definitely worth a try and for FREE you can't go wrong! It's also optimised for iPad!

Here is the link or just type in Mallzee in the app store.
What do you think of the app?

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Friday, 4 October 2013

WISHLIST: October Edition

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12               

Oh look, yet another wishlist from me, you should realise by now these posts are one of my favourite to write! A lot of these things are quite 'formal' based which I think is probably because I'm dressing formal everyday and I actually quite like dressing like that so I think I've sort of got into that mind frame of dressing now. It is also a Topshop and Zara wishlist only, oops!

1.  First is this Zara bomber jacket - which at the moment I can't seem to find on the website anymore, oh no - I'll admit I'm not usually one for bomber jackets and I never really understood the whole trend around them however, when I walked into Zara and saw this jacket I decided I'd try it on as I've decided to be brave and try clothes I wouldn't normally wear. When I tried this on I was completely surprised at how much I liked it on the material is silk with a chiffon cover over it that has the pattern on, in my opinion it looks so much more formal than your usual bomber jacket. 

2. Second is this multi pattern shirt from Topshop which the picture completely does not do justice, as soon as I walked into the shop and saw it I completely fell in love. It's such a different shirt to what I've seen before which just makes me really love it.

3. Then I have this silver top/shirt, I'm not entirely sure why I like this top so much but something about it really attracts me. I like how it's not really sparkly silver, it's just a slight sparkle which means it can be worn casual or dressed up which I love!

4. This may be my favourite thing of this wishlist! This was another thing I randomly tried on in Zara as I love tartan so much which you may have guessed if you saw last months wishlist. When this blazer is on it actually looks amazing, I'm not sure I've ever been so in love with a jacket before, it has a partly peplum bottom which compliments me a lot and the fit is just flawless! I really hope to get this either next month when I get paid or for Christmas!

5. At sixth form I've been wearing quite a few of these midi skirts, so it's really made me love them and when I saw this I thought the design was so cool and different, I need to pop into Zara and try this beauty on!

6. I think I also fell in love with this skirt! It's an a-line denim 'kilt', I love the way it's quite different to any other skirt I've seen and personally I'm not overly keen on denim skirts but this one is actually lovely!

7. So this handbag is the only non-clothing item on this list, can you guess why I like it? When I saw it I thought it looked exactly like the infamous Celine bag that nearly every beauty blogger (at least the rich ones!) which I can't lie and say I'm not pining over it! It is however £100 so I'm not sure whether I will ever have the courage to buy it haha!

8. So... if you're aware I absolutely adore elephants AND skater skirts, both of them put together? I'm so obsessed! I also love how it does up at the front, I really hope I get this before the end of the year!

9. Again, I'm not entirely sure what drew me to this top and with the picture being small, it doesn't do it justice so you should really follow the link and see how nice it actually is!

10. I think I could probably say the same for this shirt, I've noticed that I've gone for quite a pattern themed wishlist this month! The pattern is so out there which is probably why I liked it.

11. Nearly finished! This is the least formal clothing item on here however I still think it could be worn formal. I love this slouchy type top, especially for winter as it is so nice to just cosy up in and layer up on chilly day!

12. Lastly, these trousers... now these really are a WISH because I'm not sure how much they would actually suit me, I don't have the longest of legs and so these type of trousers don't always look too great on me, I need to really just go into Zara and try them on, hopefully I like them as much on as I do off!

So that's the end of my October wishlist! I've come to realise that I will only be able to get one post out a week which I already sometimes struggle with, which I'm sorry about! I hope you're not losing interest in my blog due to the lack of posting as it just means I put more effort into each post I write.

Anyway, what are you wishing for this month? Can you believe we're already into the tenth month of this year?!

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