Thursday, 29 August 2013

Choies Discounts

Recently I've been in contact with which I'm sure if you've been in the fashion world recently you will have heard of them. is an online store with affordable and stylish clothes, I love all they do and will be sure to get some clothes for sixth form!
As a treat for you lovelies, as we all love a good bargain, they sent me some coupon codes to share with you - even though it says dollars, you can still use them from any country. 

Save 10% off at choies
Free shipping worldwide.
No minimum purchase amount.
Save 10% off for any order at      code:Sep10ff    
$20 off $189+ at   code:20Sep   
$10 off $89+ at    code:10Sep   
$5 off $49+ at     code:5Sep 
Be sure to check the website out and let me know if you purchase anything! 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Day out: Mountfitchet Castle

As part of the work my little brother (aka my photographer) had to do before going into the big bad scary world of secondary school, he had to visit a museum. As my dad broke his leg we had to go to somewhere quite local he could drive to - although he's not even supposed to be driving! - anyway, we found Mountfitchet Castle and Toy Museum and headed there on Sunday. I took my canon as I do all interesting places but as you'll see from the selection of the photos I have shared, I seemed to prefer taking pictures of the animals there rather than the actual museum and castle, oops.

Thought this chicken had such a cool walk - am I sad? 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Butterflies & Denim

On Friday Jenni and I went to another party, and guess what, we looked similar, again!

Kimono - Primark
Disco Pant Leggins - Missguided
Socks - Primark
Shoes - Mr Shoes

Denim Jacket - New Look
Vest - Topshop
Disco Pant Leggings - Missguided
Shoes - Converse
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins

Thursday, 22 August 2013

WISHLIST: September/Sixth Form Edition

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If you're like me and you're going to sixth form/college/school in September, if you don't wear a uniform you'll be on the hunt for some nice new clothes to go back in. At the sixth form I am going into we have a formal dress code, so we have to wear 'business type' clothing - although they do let us bend the rules slightly.

First thing is this tartan shirt from Zara, I'm absolutely head over heels for this tartan trend, perhaps it's because I'm half Scottish and it means I can channel my inner Scott haha but I do just really love the tartan patten. I love this top as it has the collar which makes it look more formal in my opinion, however it is a little sheer so I'd have to wear a vest underneath it. I can already see myself wearing it tucked into a black skater skirt with my Dr Martens lookalike shoes.

Another thing I'm loving at the moment is blazers, I think they give a boring outfit that added oomph, making it look instantly better, I also think wearing them gives a more formal look as they are very suit like. This one from River Island is gorgeous! The three quarter length sleeves - you can't actually tell from the picture - meaning you can wear it in the autumn, when its I between hot and cold. The pattern is gorgeous too, floral but with a black background meaning its perfect for transitioning from summer to autumn/winter.

I love this 'Penny' dress as its called from Topshop, although its just a plain black skater dress the little flower boarding around the sleeves and neckline make it prettier and 'jazz' it up. 

Kimono's are another thing I'm currently obsessing over, just like blazers I think they make an outfit all round nicer. I really love the bright colour and pattern of this one from Topshop, however as we're slowly coming out of summer I don't think I will get enough use out of it, however if England stays a little warm through autumn I may consider buying it!

Oh look yet another thing from Topshop, I'm actually a little surprised how many things on this wish list are from Topshop as I'm not actually one who usually obsesses over it. Anyway, onto this pink angora jumper, the colour is so pretty, I've always loved jumpers for the colder seasons especially cable knit ones, however I'm not entirely sure on angora as I find it very itchy so we will have to see whether I decide to get it or not. 

Ooooh, more tartan! I'm actually sooooo in love with this pinafore from asos, it's so cute and girly but edgy at the same time, and I like the green tartan as its a change from the more commonly seen red. 

Topshop and tartan arise again, perfect! I never used to like these tube skirts as I didn't think they suited me but I've actually learnt to like them the more I see them and try them on, I've actually aquired quite a collection - 4 but that's a collection for me. I like that its a mix of green and red, including both tartans and this type of skirt is great for my sixth form dress code. 

I'm surprised this is only the second shirt on my list as everyone loves some good shirts. I love the pattern of this shirt it's so bright and being oversized, it makes it more 'floaty' and comfortable, which is brilliant for when you're sitting about in class as its not tight and restricting. 

The first pair of shoes on this list! I actually had to choose between quite a few pairs about which pair I was wanting most, I've actually been wanting these since they first came into Office so months. I'm not sure why the picture shows them as green but they're actually black... I love the cutouts at the front of them as it gives them more 'personality' - can shoes have personality? - and makes them more interesting. 

Hello trend follower here!! As I said in my last post, I don't really like following trends and I really didn't want to want the Joni jeans but I've been looking for a black pair of jeans forever as they go with everything and I'm allowed to wear them for sixth form which is good as jeans are so comfortable so I think I'll most probably invest in a pair. 

I love this dress from Asos Marketplace as its completely different to anything I've seen before, it's called a 'vintage' dress and I adore vintage items which is why it probably caught my eye. I think the colours are really pretty and if you know me, you will know blue is my favourite colour, especially this shade. I think it would be great for any season and wearing this I'm winter will be sure to brighten my mood! 

I have been eyeing up these peplum jackets in shops for ages and going into sixth form is the perfect excuse to buy one, however I'm a bit annoyed as when I was making this last night the jacket was on Topshop then when I went to find the link for it this morning, it's disappeared so I guess I'll have to find one in another shop.

I've always adored Missguided shoes as they do basically the same shoes as more expensive shops but for much cheaper prices. In the winter/autumn seasons I love to have a pair of boots either ankle boots or mid calf boots and I really like the design of these. 

The last thing on these list is this 'pork pie' hat from Topshop, I've literally wanted this hat since last year but I never seemed to buy one so as I soon as I saw they were back in stock I knew I had to get one. I would prefer the bowler hat that they used to have but this one is just as nice so I'm definitely going to get it. If there is one thing I get from this list it will be this hat!

Sorry for this wish list being ever so long but I really tried to make it a small as possible, promise!
Is there anything you're lusting after for sixth form, college or just in general? 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

AUGUST favourites

Oops! I didn't do a July favourites, sorry!
Anyway lets jump into this months favourites. 

I don't have anything really beauty or fashion related this month as this month I've only worn make up a few days, and that's only eyebrows, mascara and lips so not a lot, and I just haven't worn something that I've really loved this month.

The first thing I've been loving and wearing at every chance possible is this gold statement necklace from Primark. I've been on the search for statement necklaces since they came into fashion but I've never really seen one I really love - I'm extremely picky - but I saw this and just fell for it, it's not the biggest statement necklace but for my first one I thought it would be nice as I could get used to wearing them and then eventually get bigger ones.

Next are these gorgeous pillows which go perfectly with my bedroom. Like the statement necklaces, I've been on the hunt for some pillows that go in my room - again extremely picky - and whilst shopping with my dear mum we saw these pillows on sale the big one was £8.25 and the small one £6.25 so mum said she would treat me to them, so thank you mum! I love the fact they both have one side that is coloured and one side which is white with flowers on as it means I change them if I get bored.  I think I may possibly go back and buy another large one in another colour if they have it.

So you're probably think, Alice how old are you having those teddies? But I just really really really love elephants if you didn't know and whilst I've been in different places recently I've seen these elephant teddies and just had to get them, I now have a lovely little elephant family! Oh I'm so sad.

These are a little random and again you're probably think Alice, how old are you? But what you have to understand, anything Disney and I am ALL over it like a dog on heat, wait ew that's a disgusting reference! Anyway, I've been brought up with Disney and Princess's - when I was little I believed I was a genuine princess, and still do! I really love this tissue box, like I said random, but when I saw them in Tesco me and my mum both said, 'we have to get these!' I haven't actually opened them yet as I still have a box to use up but I kind of don't want to open them so I can keep them forever!

The last item I have is these Pukka Three Green Teas. When it comes to green tea I think you either love it or hate it, and obviously I love it! It's great for you with it speeding up your metabolism and whenever I drink I just instantly feel refreshed, I drink at least one a day and if I could I'd drink it all day errr' day. I'd definitely recommend trying it, if you don't like it at first try it again as it took me a couple of try's to actually enjoy drinking it, now I don't see myself stopping!

Now onto non item things.
First of all film of the month, This Means War has to be it! I could watch that film over and over, the cast in it are both gorgeous and amazing - Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hardy - so flawless! It's a hilarious film with your obviously cute ending.

I was trying to think of my favourite song but I couldn't possibly pick so I'm going to have to say an artist which is... Lana Del Rey. I guess I'm a little bit late jumping on that bandwagon but oh well! This month my best friend Jenni - click here to see a post with her - introduced me to her whilst we were getting ready for a party and let me burn her CD onto my computer, ever since I've been listening to Lana non stop. I never really appreciated her music before but I really have gotten into her, so I know must say I'm on that Lana hype. Oh how I hate succumbing to trends. 

My favourite app/website this month has got to be I LOVE it. It's great as I can post my daily outfits on there meaning you guys can see what I wear on an almost everyday basis - if I'm not just in my pjs - and I can get to know other people with blogs and find inspiration for outfits. Head over there now!

Lately, my favourite day. This would have go be the day I went to the zoo with three of my best friends, I didn't blog about it however you can see the post when I went with my family. I really loved this day as we had such a lovely day strolling round the zoo, although we're all best friends, it's not often all four of us hang out together, so it was really nice to spend some quality time. Especially with jack (at the back) who is going off to a different sixth form to us so spending this day with him was so nice before he leaves us.

So tomorrow (Thursday 22nd August) is results day for GCSE students and I'd just like to say good luck to everyone who is getting results, I'm super nervous but I really am trying not to think about it, but hey ho, we can't change our results now can we? 

I'm not entirely sure if there will be a post Friday or not, so I'll say sorry now in case there isn't!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my favourites from August, let me know what yours are! 

Monday, 19 August 2013

Perfume Collection

Today is going to be a different kind of post to what I have done before on my blog, my collection of perfumes isn't too large, in fact in only have five perfumes but I thought it would be a good post and different to all the OOTDs I've posted recently.
The reason I don't have too many perfumes is because up until a few months ago I seemed to think that I could only use one perfume at a time, so I would never change my perfume until it ran out then I'd ask for/buy a completely different one and use that until it was empty, etc. I then thought about it and realised that actually, why haven't I been changing up my perfumes like a normal person? So I decided I would and now I use a different perfume each day and I can't wait to buy more to add even more of a choice!

Intimately Beckham - Victoria Beckham

The first perfume I have is Intimately Beckham by the gorgeous Victoria Beckham.
I got this perfume for Christmas 2011, which shows just how long it takes me to use up a perfume! It is a scent I'd never had before, the first 'mature' scent I had ever received. It is described as having 'vanilla' in it however, I don't think there is a trace of vanilla in it, instead I think it has a musky smell to it, smelling of roses and other flowers, however not sweet like my normal perfumes. I would say this scent is great for late teens/early twenties as it isn't a 'young' sweet smelling 'girly' perfume but its neither a really mature scent therefore it's just right for that in between age, it's not an expensive perfume however it lasts a moderate amount of time on the skin. The packaging is nice and clean, making it look glamorous yet chić.
I also have the mini version which my sister gave to me Christmas 2012, this is size is perfect for my handbag (although the shape is a little awkward) it means I can take a perfume out with me and not have to worry about it taking up too much space in my bag!

Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera

The next one I have is Christina Aguilera by Christina Aguilera.
I also received this Christmas 2011. The scent is very florally, but in a 'sexy' way which the packaging reflects, although saying that I would definitely say this perfume is best for teenagers. When I spray it, I genuinely see Christina Aguilera in Burlesque and just imagine this is the scent she would wear for it or that you'd smell in a sexy burlesque club.

The Beat - Burberry

Here I have The Beat by Burberry.
This is actually the scent of my childhood, my mum used to wear Burberry perfumes all the time, for this reason I only wear it at the weekends which is when I am at my dads, away from my mum. The smell is obviously mature, and at first when I got it I felt a little weird wearing it as mum wears it but I love it and it just reminds me of better times so I do wear it, the scent is a very musky wood with hints of musky flowers, ideal for women. The packaging is sleek, with Burberry's famous design, again showing how it is a mature scent.

Fame - Lady Gaga

Onto probably my favourite if I had to pick, Fame by Lady Gaga.
I recieved this as one of my main presents from my mum Christmas 2012, I wanted it for months before Christmas, when a topless guy who was promoting it in boots handed me a tester. I instantly fell in love and went in boots as often as I could to smell it and get some testers - cheeky I know. The scent is definitely sweet, which is probably why I love it so much as I'm a sweet kind of gal, infused with sweet flowers, just making heaven for your nose. I haven't done a very good job at describing this one as I honestly don't think words will do the perfume any favours, so I'd recommend going into boots and smelling this baby!
The packaging is amazing, the gold claw-like lid gives the effect of something clasping an egg, the egg being the luscious perfume, which I forgot to mention, is the first ever black perfume - it comes out clear. I'd say this scent is definitely aimed at teenagers/early twenties.

Paris - River Island

Lastly,we have my most recently bought perfume, Paris by River Island.
I've already done a review on this so I won't describe it too much, just click here to go to the post.
In brief, it reminds me a lot of The Beat by Burberry, having musky tones, but I think it is a little less mature and is most likely to be worn more by older teenagers. Like I mentioned in the post, the packaging reminds me a lot of Chance by Chanel bottles, which I think makes them look pricier than they are!

I hope you liked this post, like I said its different to any other posts I've done. It gives you a bit more of an insight to what I'm like. If you'd like to see any other collections of things be sure to comment and tell me!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Seeing Double Midi

This week it I went to a party, which I must say, I was pretty happy about as there isn't often a party for me to go to. My best friend Jenni and I both dressed to the nines, we were both so happy we finally had an occasion to dress up as they're not often enough!

Dress - Local Shop (Chelmsford town)
Leather Jacket - Boohoo
Shoes - Republic
Necklace - Primark
Lipstick - Rimmel 107

Denim Jacket - Primark
Skirt - Topshop
Vest - Topshop
Shoes - New Look
Socks - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Lipstick - Rimmel 107

Here are Jenni's links incase you want to see more of her gorgeous face!