Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Day out: Cambridge City

So this post won't be like my other posts,  - beauty/fashion related - instead I'll be showing you some pictures I took whilst in the gorgeous Cambridge, which I'm telling you, one day I WILL live there.
I took these about 3 weeks ago now, my dad, little brother & sister and I travelled down for two reasons: to get my brothers MacBook fixed - the silly boy spilt water on it - and to buy my gorgeous iPad with Retina display in preparation for sixth form in September (I managed to convince my dad to buy it for me early and so a HUGE thank you goes to him!!!).

Anyway, after we got those two things out of the way, we went for a walk around Cambridge city as it is such a beautiful place and just provides the most perfect opportunities for beautiful photos (hence me taking my canon).

There is always loads of bikes in Cambridge, so pretty!

More bikes!

I really loved the look of this ice cream stall for some reason

How cute are the little daisies on this gate?
This day was extremely hot and sunny - I thought it would be a good idea not to put any sun cream on and ended up with a well deserved sunburn although that has now turned into a tan so what can I complain? - and whilst walking along a bridge we saw people were punting (think Italy with a romantic couple and someone pushing their boat standing at the back), we decided to walk down and have a look at how much it was and after hearing how reasonable it was we hopped right in the queue and waited for our turn on the punt.

Five minutes of waiting and we were walked onto our punt, joined by eight other people and our lovely tour guide/punt pusher. We got lucky with our tour guide as he was so interested in Cambridge and its history and it seemed like to him doing this was more of something for fun than a job which made it so much more enjoyable for us - and he was very attractive - so thank you to that man! 
Anyway, the punt lasted fourty-five minutes, meaning I had a huge amount of time to get some gorgeous snaps of the lovely scenery of Cambridge, as well as getting a good history lesson on all the different buildings and gardens - good thing I'm a keeno for history, miss GCSE and A-level history student over here. 

Little Brother, sister & I

How amazing does this ivy covered building look?

Said to be one of the most famous photo taking place in Cambridge

Underneath my favourite of all trees: a weeping willow

Is it weird I find these cute?

In real life this house was more of a light blue and Oh My! I want to live in it so bad! Ah.. a girl can dream

Finally back to where we begun...

After the punt ride we walked back to the shopping centre (Grand Arcade) and had a look through the market which had some amazing things you just could never think of, for example, these amazing wooden figurines powered by a battery pack making them so much more interesting than a normal wooden figurine, you can see the amazing amount of detail that went into them.
We then went to get some ice cream and decided our day was done so ventured back to the car.

I hope you enjoyed this different style of post, I enjoyed writing something a little different and I think I'll do more posts in the future talking about days out :)
What do you think of this style of writing?

Monday, 29 July 2013

Holidaying: Center Parcs

As I write this post I am on my way to Center Parcs for my holiday this summer!
Ill be spending a week in the gorgeous forest holiday park, this is where I go for my summer holidays every year and whilst a lot of people may prefer to go abroad and sun it up in somewhere like sunny Ibiza, I actually really love the time I spend here and I wouldn't change it for another holiday! A little fun fact for you: my family have been going there every year for 17 years, sometimes twice a year, therefore me being 16 I have been every single year of my life. We've also been to every single Center Parcs, today we're going to Elveden Forest - our favourite of them all.


I thought I'd share with you what I'm wearing on my travel there - sorry if the photos aren't top quality, I had to use my iPad quickly before we came out.


Shorts - New Look
Vest top - Tesco
Belt - New Look
Flower Garland - Primark 
Pink Bag - Cambridge Market
Big Bag - Cath Kidston
Small Makeup Bag - Cath Kidston 

Friday, 26 July 2013

Summer Must Haves!

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1. Camera - any camera for summer is a definite must have! If I'm going somewhere I know I'll get some great pictures, eg. trips out and that, I'll take my canon, however as its quite bulky, I often use either my iPhone or iPad. I also have a Sony hand camera but that doesn't get as much use anymore.

2. Good Playlist - for anything you do in summer, you need to have a good playlist! Generally, I just listen to the same music all year round, but when it comes to summer I do tend to listen to more upbeat songs as they make me feel more happy.

3. Summery perfume - my favourite is Lady Gaga Fame as it just smells so fruity and flowery, the ideal scent of summer, and although I'd wear it all year round, it is a great scent for summer.

4. iPad/tablet - the reason I think this is a summer must have is because the mobility of them is so ideal! Generally in summer I go out a lot more, as well as going on holiday so it means it provides entertainment and as I like to spend most (all) my time on the Internet (please tell me I'm not the only one) it means I can go on it wherever I go. It's bigger than a phone so you can have access more things that may be inaccessible on a phone yet smaller than a computer (unless you have a notebook) so it's easier to carry around! 

5. Bright nail varnish - whilst my finger nails are actually too short to paint (blame that on anxiety and my need to bite them) I do like to have a nice colour on my toe nails. This colour especially as it is a bright blue - my favourite colour - and just looks so summery.

6. Big bag - I recently got this bright pink bag, I admit it is a little lary and I would kind of rather it be I'm another colour but I couldn't pass it up. First of all, it has three sections, a zip pocket in the middle which is just the right size for my iPad, then two sections either side which clip together. It fits so much in it that you wouldn't expect just by looking it, to make it easier to hold it would be good for it to have a long strap however the handles are big enough to fit over your shoulder so it's not too bad. Secondly, the colour isn't actually too bad for summer, it's bright and can add a pop of colour to any outfit.

7. Books - if it wasn't for me actually doing A level English from September I wouldn't necessarily read these two books and I would actually use my kindle instead, however I would definitely say a book or two are a summer must have. You may be thinking "oh Alice you're such a bore reading books" but I honestly just find them great! They're ideal for when you go on holiday and you're sitting by the pool or if like me you only go to Centre Parcs (which is actually the best holiday ever!) and are just chilling not sure of what to do, you can whip out a book and you'll be surprised how quickly time goes by. 

8. Flower garland - as you know if you've read my other posts, I am so in love with this flower garland, it's amazing how much better it can make your hair look - for example, right now as I write this I am wearing it as I am suffering with an extreme case of bad hair day - it just screams summer and as soon as I put it on I feel so much better!

That's my summer must haves! What are yours?

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

OOTD: Casual Sunday



Sorry the photos are all over the place, I can't quite get them to work how I want to! 
Anyway, if you live in England right now, especially in the Essex area, you will know it has been quite the dream recently with the amount of sunny weather we've been having (bound to disappear soon however)! 
As it was warm I thought I'd put on my shorts, I haven't worn shorts in a whole because if I'm honest I've just felt so unconfident with my body but hey ho, I was only going to my sisters house so I thought f**k it! I ended up spending the day in my bikini anyway!

Shorts: Topshop
Boob Tube: Tesco (they're great as they have inner support around the boobs)
Shirt: Topshop
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Primark